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Blogs de alumnos de Comunicación Audiovisual del curso 2006-2007

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  2. "Third International Congress of synesthesia, Science and Art. Grenada 2009", to be held at the Science Park, 26 - 29 April, 2009.
    Will be offered to the general public, an exhibition on scientific
    the senses in park for science.
    Sinestesia is the term used to describe a set of cognitive statements related to the union of the senses. Recent research in this area are extremely attractive to the knowledge of the human mind. It is an open window to our brain and could solve many of the incógnitasr related to the perception and thinking.
    Our Organizing committee, rapporteurs and experts in synesthesia:
    Directores: Mª José de Córdoba.( F.I.A.C.) y Emilio Gómez ( Ugr).
    Dina Riccò ( Univ. Politécnica de Milán).
    Coordinador Internacional: Sean A Day, (ASA)
    Comité Científico: Dr. Edward M. Hubbard
    Presentación del resto de colaboradores y coordinadores:
    Francisco Tornay y Sergio Moreno. Psicología. Ugr
    Juan Carlos Sanz ( Experto en Color).
    Carlos Villalobos. Dpto. Dibujo. BBAA. Ugr.
    Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Pinto. Dr. ESCO
    Tremedad Gnecco. Ciencias de la Educación. Ugr.
    Traducción simultánea: Julia López de la Torre.

    Principal lecturer

    Lawrence E. Marks, Ph.D.
    Director John B. Pierce Laboratory
    Professor of Epidemiology and Psychology
    Yale University

    The International Foundation Artecittà, after the success at the First International Congress (such as opening ceremony of its constitution), held in Cuevas del Almanzora, Almeria, decided in collaboration with the University of Granada and Polytechnic University of Milan, organize the Second International congreso Synesthesia, Science and Art with the aim of displaying and collecting the progress made by researchers and experts from European and American prestige in each of the many aspects of synesthesia. With an interdisciplinary approach Congress was particularly targeted at neurologists, psychologists, artists, linguists, art historians, musicians, educators and researchers in sensory disabilities, students and synaesthetes in any of their categories . The organizing committee, international, has decided to hold the third congress in Grenada for the great welcome they had such emerging interdisciplinary research, proposed by FIAC in 2007 and for being a city steeped in culturally and in science and research, is revealing with great force.

    It opens again call to participate in the parallel event called MuVi2 (Visual Music), aimed at artists, musicians, designers, university professors and students with artistic projects related to color and sound. In this second edition, will provide a prize (1000 €) for the best work submitted. The call was opened in May / June 2008.
    The Foundation, in collaboration with the provincial council of Granada, again, with selected works will organize a parallel exhibition during the dates of the congress. The provincial council of Granada promote the artists selected in their cultural circuits.
    Submissions will be organized within these areas:

    Neurociencia y cognición / Neuroscinece and cognition
    Neurológica y lingüística / Neurology and linguistic
    Psicológica y psiquiátrica / Psychological and psychiatric
    Lingüística y literaria / linguistic and literary
    Percepción, creatividad y sinestesia/ Perception, creativity and siynethesia
    Farmacológica / Farmacologic
    Didáctica y educación / Teaching and education
    Artística / Artistic
    Gráfica, diseño y sinestesia / Graphics, design and synesthesia
    Nuevas tecnologías y sinestesia/ New Technologies and synesthesia
    Música y sinestesia / Music and synesthesia

    Parallel activities to Congress
    "Visual Music". International Exhibition of video and animation on music and visual synesthesia.

    Visit to "Scenario Image" in Huétor Vega, Grenada.
    Project underway OF zuten
    Games and sounds eye of the Alhambra in Granada.
    INDUCTION TO sinestesia
    Running time 2 hours. Maximum 20 people per visit
    Transport and Free admission, glass of wine OF Huétor Vega

    Other activities which we will report on time.

    http://www.sinestesia2007.info (information from the past Congress)
    (For those who want to secure space in the scientific programme should strictly observe these deadlines: Reporter scientific abstracts, (for presentation 20’), before September 1, 2008; Short presentations and posters until January 1, 2009. Communication complete: 15 February 2009.